The Club Shop Of Top Eleven Game

The Club Shop Of Top Eleven Game

The Club Shop Of Top Eleven Game

If you want to buy Health Packs or change the looks of your team, then you need to visit The Club Shop! Here, you will be able to find a magnitude of numerous items for sale. Some of them are mentioned below:

If you are planning to buy Health Packs then you need to visit the Club Shop. Health Packs are available in various bundles of 5, 10, 25 and 50. You can buy them with Tokens. You can even use Tokens for buying a Bank Investment. Depending on the amount of Tokens you have spent, a Bank Investment will provide you with certain amount of Cash. If you don’t have enough Tokens or Cash you can use our Top Eleven Hack to get them!

To customize your team member’s emblem and jersey, you can check the numerous options that are available in the Club Shop. You will be provided with two options to customize your team’s jerseys. You can either design a jersey or buy the ones that are already designed and up for sale. Similarly, you can select any one option for customizing the emblem.

Among the two options accessible in the game, creating your own design is reasonably priced in comparison to buying the pre-made items. Also, designing your own jerseys will enable you to mix and match with colors and styles. On the other hand, the prefabricated items are accessible in various colors, patterns, and designs. These premium items are available for a limited time in the Club Shop and may be put up for sale again in the Shop.

When you buy a new emblem or jersey for your team, the old one gets stocked up in the Storage section of the Club Shop. You can either use them again later in the game or you can gift it to one of your friends. The gaming developers update the Club Shop on a regular basis. Keep a check on the Shop so that you do not miss out some new items that can be bought for your team.

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