Top Eleven Tips

Top Eleven Tips

Effective Tips For Playing Top Eleven Game

Top Eleven is one of the widely played online sports game across the world. If you too are planning to play the game or are a regular player, then you should read these amazing features and effective tips that will make your game simpler:

  • It is a free to play game, which can be enjoyed by registering though your Facebook account. However, there are some items and in-game currencies that can be purchased by spending real world money.
  • Top Eleven is one of the finest football manager games that is been played by millions of gamers across the world.
  • The beautiful graphics of the game will make you feel that you are playing on a real football field.
  • The game is compatible with several devices like Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows OS, etc. so it can be played on multiple platforms.
  • Your main objective in the game is to create a super powerful team of footballers. Moreover, you need to ensure that you manage your finances well, make perfect formations and strategies against your opponents.
  • The innumerable Tournaments that you will come across in the game will keep you busy. Participate in all of them to earn rewards as well as the Championship cup.
  • There is an option of selecting any language among 30 other languages, which makes the game adaptable for gamers around the world.
  • The live matches are the most exciting part of the game. You need to manage your team well during these matches by ensuring that their formation and fitness condition is perfect.

Listed Below Are Some Tips To Follow For Making Your Top Eleven Game Simpler:

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If the condition of your team is showing as orange then it means that they are getting tired. At this stage, the team plays below their normal levels and are prone to injuries. So, during a match, you should keep an eye on the condition of the team and manage it accordingly.


Each player of the team has different set of strengths and weaknesses. The only way to make them stronger in all aspects is by training. There are several training activities accessible in the game; but, you cannot make all your team members practice the same activity repeatedly. You should plan some ways of training that will make your team active in each aspect.

Building Arenas:

Your stadium can be improved by clicking at the Ground menu. At a time, only one stadium can be built in the game. Ensure that you build a training centre instantly, so that your team can start with their training sessions from day one. Then, build a medical centre to help the injured team members. Ensure that you have enough space for your gaming fans to come and watch your game. This will help in earning plenty of in-game currencies.

Upgrading Arenas:

When you hit the maximum capacity of seats, you need to upgrade it so that many more fans can watch your play. It is important to upgrade the pitch on a regular basis so that the chances of injuries happening to team members are reduced. When you have some extra in-game currencies, then you can opt to upgrade your stadium too.

Youth Academy:

It is recommended to invest in the Youth Academy as you will be able to acquire some powerful players and add them to your team without paying transfer fees. These players can help in making you win the matches. Moreover, when you are in dire need of in-game currencies, you can consider selling them off for loads of Cash and Tokens.


At the transfer market, you can buy several players for a low price. This is because the players are put up for auction and you cannot know how many people are interested in the auction. So, you can end up acquiring a player by bidding for a low price. You can even offer a direct price for a player instead of going through the entire auction. This will help in getting a new player for your team easily and quickly.

The best way to earn some Cash immediately is by selling an extra or unwanted player to a football agent. However, the amount that you earn by using this method is lesser than what you will earn in the auction house. A better alternative is to make use of hacks for generating in-game currencies quickly.


Referral system is a great method to earn Tokens. All you need to do is invite your friends to play the game. If a friend joins the game on your referral, you will be rewarded for it. For instance, when the invited friend completes a task in the game, you will earn Tokens. The amount of Tokens that you earn will highly depend on the task that has been completed by the gamer. So, invite more friends and earn more Tokens!

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