Top Eleven Tokens and Cash

Top Eleven Tokens and Cash

Comprehensive Guide On Currencies Of Top Eleven Game!

Cash and Tokens are the two main currencies of the game. Without these currencies, you will not be able to succeed in Top Eleven game. If you are finding difficulties in earning these currencies then read on! In this post, there are several methods mentioned that will help you in earning currencies easily.


Cash is the main currency of the game, which is required for signing new players, upgrading the pitch, buying new equipment, training the team members, and much more.

How To Earn Cash?

  • Daily login to the game will let you earn some amount of Cash, Boosters, as well as Tokens.
  • Watching a video will help in acquiring Cash.
  • If you download a specific app provided by the gaming developers, then you can earn Cash.
  • Sign up to the gaming social media accounts such as Facebook and earn lots of in-game currencies.
  • Make use of our Top Eleven Cheats for generating Cash in unlimited amounts instantly.


Tokens are the special currency of the game, which can be used for enhancing your speed in the game, bidding on new players, and much more.

How To Earn Tokens?

  • By selling TV rights, you can earn small amount of Tokens. In the beginning, you will have access to two TV sponsorships. Among the two, one will give you Token every single day irrespective of whether you login to the game or not. The other one will give Token only on the day that you login plus an extra Token for playing the game for four consecutive days.
  • Transferring players to other managers will let you earn some Tokens.
  • By inviting gamers to start playing the game will make you earn Tokens. When the gamer wins a match, you will be rewarded with Tokens.
  • Selling players and signing sponsorship contracts are some more ways to earn currencies.
  • Check out the Finance section of the game where there are different range of deals provided, based on how you play the game.
  • On some special occasions, the gaming developers come up with contests that will let you earn Tokens as rewards. You can keep a track of them on their social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • You will encounter a situation when progressing in the game will become almost impossible without buying Tokens with real money. In such circumstances, you can consider using hacks rather than spending your hard-earned money for buying virtual currencies.
  • Use our Top Eleven 2018 Hack.

So, use the aforesaid methods and earn plenty of Cash and Tokens in Top Eleven game.

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